Since 2017 The Disability Resource Centre has helped hundreds of local unpaid carers and Personal Assistants (PAs) to learn vital skills, for free. All thanks to funding from Skills for Care.

Dates for the live face-to-face workshops will be announced soon where you can meet-up with other local carers and our tutors in 3 hour workshops, at a venue in Bedfordshire.

If you can not attend the workshops in person then you’ll be able to watch and join-in online by live video.

And if you want to get started today, then you can enroll in one of our free online courses that cover the same topics.

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If you would like to sign up today and work through our free online courses, then just complete these simple steps:

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 Our most popular short courses…

Simply click the links (or the photos) to get started, for free:

Dementia awareness

This course includes: Facts about dementia, warning signs, reducing the risk, early intervention, diagnosis, treatments and legislation for people with dementia.

Mental health awareness

This course includes: Common mental health problems, providing support, early detection and diagnosis, promoting positive attitudes, legislation, mental capacity, giving consent and an online tool to help assess mental health.

This course includes: The principles of safeguarding adults, your responsibilities as a care worker, types of abuse and neglect, signs and indicators, protecting adults from abuse and neglect, Safeguarding Adults Reviews (SARs), promoting dignity and rights, person-centred care, multi-agency working, spotting signs of abuse or neglect and legislation.

Infection prevention and control

This course includes: Chain of infection, contamination, clothing, personal hygiene, good hand habits, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), safe handling of waste and safe disposal of sharps.

Working in a person-centred way

This course includes: Person-centred values, working in a person-centred way, life history, wishes, preferences and needs, planning for the future, wellbeing, minimising discomfort and distress and maintaining identity and self-esteem.

Duty of care

This course includes: The importance of duty of care, passing on concerns, complaints, incidents, errors and near misses, legislation, managing conflict and coping with difficult situations.

…there are over 30 workshops and online courses…

See The Disability Resource Centre website for full details.