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How We Help

Every week we help people in Central Bedfordshire to get the information and advice they need.

Read some of the questions we get asked by people across Central Bedfordshire.

All names have been changed for privacy.

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“Where can I get a wheelchair?”

Alison wanted some help organising a wheelchair/scooter. So Advice Central arranged an appointment to discuss her best options with the Disability Resource Centre in Dunstable.

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 “I need some help moving home…”

Tim has learning difficulties and was needing help moving from his flat. Advice Central helped him contact the Council’s Leaving Care Team who arranged help with moving and storage. Tim was very happy with all the help he received.

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“I not sure if I need legal advice…”

Susan was recently divorced and needed some legal advice. Advice Central helped her find the right information including finding a Family Law solicitor, and she was happy with all the information provided.

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“I’m confused about my legal rights…”

Mike’s 17 year old son needed help understanding his employment rights. Advice Central arranged for an appointment to discuss the situation with a Citizens Advice legal specialist.

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“I think we need some help caring for my mum…”

Sally was looking for help for her Grandmother after she left hospital, so Advice Central helped her find the right information including contacting Carers in Bedfordshire.

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“I am retiring soon, where can I get some free financial advice?”

James was due to retire and needed some advice on pensions and finances. We arranged an appointment with an expert from Citizens Advice at his local centre.

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“I need a mobility scooter…”

Ian’s mum is 91 and wanted to buy a mobility scooter but wasn’t sure about the best options. Advice Central arranged an appointment with the Disability Resource Centre to try out various scooters and was very happy with the service and her purchase.

 law green

“I’ve got a Family Court hearing and need some advice…”

Craig needed some help before a Family Caw court hearing. Advice Central arranged an appointment to discuss his situation with his local Citizens Advice. He said that he was very happy with the knowledge, manner, help and support provided by Advice Central.

Jobs - Green

“I think my employer is sacking me unfairly…”

Ashiq thought he was being unfairly dismissed from his job and needed legal advice during the process. Advice Central helped him arrange a free legal advice appointment with Citizens Advice, which he said was very helpful.

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“I might need some counselling…”

Sian thought she might need some counselling support after a family bereavement. We talked through the options then helped her contact her local Practice Nurse. Sian said that Advice Central “have been absolutely amazingly in your understanding, support and organising help for me”.

All names have been changed for privacy.


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Can You Help by Becoming a Volunteer?

We are looking for people to help us help residents of Central Bedfordshire get fast access to advice in many ways. If you have some time to spare and would like to help others then please do email us for more information.

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